Sunday, May 31

Finally !!

Wah, finally found a time to update this half-dead blog :O Damn busy after exams heh!
Many stuff happened but I can't recall much, getting old :(

Okay, there's this cat, outta no where, suddenly gave birth to a kitten one night. Kept meow meow meow non-stop! Oh my tian. It's somehow annoying okay. And, cats bring bad luck? I dont know. Superstitious!

Exams were a pain in the neck, slept late almost everyday for 2 weeks straight. Headache after exams. This is so torturing (?)

It's finally


Woots! It's sho fun though staying at home might be boring sometimes. Somebody plan outing please? xD

Oh ya, went to Giant with Hui Teng, Kritz, Blake, Loo, Tan and Tee after school on Thurs to celebrate. We really act like rich people sometimes ==

Straighten hair liao, omg. nuff' said.
Horrible :( :( :(

Went for lunch before that, gawd.
Heard of Hor Poh Lui Cha?
Terpaksa eat that with my mom T.T
Was so damn hungry in the afternoon.
Ate 5 char siew paus :) Happy tummy! LOL


Ate Puchong Yong Tau Foo for brunch.
Then headed to Plaza Low Yat.
Checked out some gadgets *smirks*
Drank some herbal soup at Ah Yip Herbal Soup.

Ze Menu!


My Hong Zhou Lin Zi Suet Yi Suet Gap :9

Then continue hunting for gadgets *smirks*

All hail the ..

Dell Wasabi™ PZ310 Ultra-Mobile ZINK™ Printer

Comes in 3 colours..

Palm sized ..

Photo printer.

So convenient

No need to worry about refilling ..

'cause, it DOESNT need ink!

Cool eh?
This is so on my wishlist :(
It's just too long. I gotta make up my mind.
There's too many stuff I want, but .. .. ..

Oh well, forget about that first!
While I had a hard time making up my mind ......
I heard Big Apple Donut calling me from far!

" Buy me~ Eat me~ " rofl.

So I bought a dozen of it lah ! *slurps*xD
The Duren duren one RAWKS! :P
Too bad to those who doesn't like durian *aww*

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Snowy, Mocha, Cappuccino, Oreo, Duren-duren


The Duren-Duren, so cute!

Gaaaahhh, this is so sinfully delicious!
The smell the taste of the durian cream !! Ahhhhhh~ lol.

Okay, gotta go out for dinner! Heh.
Enjoy your holidays!! XD

*meow meow meow* OHMYGOD !!!!!!!! D: T____________T


DonutLovers said...

Krispy Kreme Donuts at Berjaya Time Squares taste better (I heard).

-0wner! said...

; DonutLovers
Hey! Thanks for the tips! Will try it out someday xD

DonutLovers said...

Krispy Kreme is going to open an outlet in the lower groundfloor Midvalley Megamall soon. No need to go so far to Berjaya Time Squares to eat them!

-JoJo- said...

Hmmm... How that thing print out photos without ink?

-0wner! said...

Yay! When is soon? xD I'm going there next week, but I doubt THAT soon hor? :(

Hmmm... good question lol. I think something to do with the ZeroInk paper gua. You go buy one and try? Lol