Monday, June 1

Happy June! lol

It's already June yo! Actually many stuff happened. Especially for next year de SPM-ees. Only 10 subjects? HAHAHAHAHA. Unless they drop Moral and Sejarah la, since they wanna reduce the compulsory subs to 4 only. I raise hand raise leg agree. You see ah, BM impossible de loh, BI .. no way .. Maths? Abolish Maths? Kai wan xiao. Science .. I dont know about that. Moral .. they wanna keep that I don't mind. Sejarah .. no other choice liao woh. So you tell me lah, how to reduce, all SEEMED important to us ..

It's not fair for this year form 4 students also, we already started half a year studying all the subjects we chose. PLUS, what if the school doesn't provide sub-science class, what will the students do when the teacher is teaching that subject? Imagine, this drop bio, that drop physics, another drop chemistry. What will the class be like? It's a total waste of time too.

They make the decision so easily huh? Each decision they make, we as a student suffer. Great.

I can't remember what I wanna say, but better not speak too much ==


Ohkay! Let's see, Puchong's Setia Walk is in progress.
I can't wait till it's done. It's even bigger than The Curve according to the salesman :O
From one end to another end, there's also apartment and penthouse for you to stay!
The cinema looks cool :O

Setia Walk! Click to enlarge~

Went Lala Chong for dinner right,
They kinda shifting this July/August, I'm not sure.
Here's the new location map for Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant!

This is just a post with random updates
How come I got a feeling that 2 weeks of holidays will be gone soon? :(

Just done eating the leftover donuts *burp* Oops! Sorry xD
I should start exercising this holidays. Lol.

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