Sunday, June 7

Movie Marathon woot

Yay, Movie Marathon at MidValley yesterday! Thanks to Cousin HooiSze for fetching me and WJ to BK and then TTH's dad to MidValley around 10am.

4 MOVIES, 4 MOVIES in a rowwww !! OH EM GEE!! 

There's 7 of us, Cousin Wei Jien, Kritz, Blake, TTH, CKS, LYS and me (this is weird xD). Total of .. 27 tickets!! That cost us

RM345 xD

Plain crazy I tell you xD Sit until backache D: Schedule was tight and so for dinner we quickly zoomed in a so-called Japanese fast food outlet. Gosh, I can't even recall the name =x =x

RM345 in my hands *smirk*

Now, for the core of the event: -


FIRST lap of marathon:
17 Again

Rate : 7/10
Some parts were touching *sniff* lol.

2nd lap:
Monsters vs Aliens

Rate: 8/10
:D :D :D There's some technical problem at the beginning of the movie ..
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .. Eh, nothing happen. *boom*" == zhadao lol.
It's actually nice, don't understand why some friends wanna sleep lol.

3RD lap of marathon:
Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian

Rate: 8/10
Cube of Rubik that can turn your enemy into dust! LMAO

LAST Lap *finally*:
Terminator - Salvation

Rate: 7/10
Nothing to comment about this, but the bots are cool =x
Was tired while watching this movie, kept yawning xD

After the finale, slacked around for a while but most of the shops were closed, waited at South Court for TTH's dad :D Thanks uncle for fetching us back around 11pm! :D

Tired dao D:

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-JoJo- said...

4 movies? You guys break the records! You rocks!