Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's Day!

Basically this whole week is about the deadlyexam results. I don't feel like elaborating about it since this is the first exam and the results aint very good, so .. forget about it. Psst, all border-lined marks =.=

PJK -.- I'm totally speechless.

One week had just past like that omg. Time fliessss.
Need to buckle up already!

I often forgot what I wanted to blog. Yeah, sigh ..

Maybe everything has it's karma. Urgh, I dont want it to be like this lah, why all fun things must come to an end. The more you want it, the more you can't get it. Wth lah.

Oh, the swine flu A(H1N1) Flu started invading primary schools liao. Though they're having one week of quanratineholidays, they need to replace it during the holidays in Nov. Okay .. I don't like this. Now pray for A(H1N1) to be gone this instant!

I don't see that many people wearing masks, it seems that A(H1N1) doesn't bring much impact to Malaysians huh?

The haze is also another pain in the assneck. Smelly shits.
I remember got one day, dont know which day lolz, but it's this week lah, it rained and stopped and rained for 3 freaking times in only 15 minutes time -.- shitty weather!

Oh oh, I easily get carried away oftenly hahaha.

So today is Father's Day!!

To Mr Daddy~~

:D :D
Thanks for all the things that you've done.
I know I can be naughty *cough* at times *cough*
And often get into trouble ;x
Aiyah, just thanks lah! Don't get mad easily ah. XD
Lastly, thanks to both parents! :D :D


Happy Birthday to lil' cousin bro Wei Hann!

I think he looks like the cartoon chicken little! :x Cute mah xD


Went to Amcorp Mall yesterday morning for facial lulz.
It was raining AGAIN.

I know, I know,
Rain complain, NO RAIN complain.
Rain causes traffic jam okay, when you're rushing time, rain not good.
Rain make everything slow down. If no slow down, then accident ..
So conclusion, cannot complain so much wtf lolz.

After that, looked around those Baju Kurung, Kebaya, Malay traditional wear shops.
Wow, some of them really nice leh.
I likey one/two I think, but I don't think I have a chance to wear them ..
Maybe in the future lah! Who knows :D

Then walk around and have lunch @ Restaurant Atap-atap o.O
Saw Kapitan's restaurant, summore say not rich ah! Got your own restaurant lulz.

I likey Amcorp Mall sometimes, many cool stuff!
The flea market, you can see many antique stuff, naish.
But I tell you, the parking fee really really expensive pfft!

I think grey skies and bald trees are meant for each other :(

The sun finally decided to show herself, peeping thru the clouds.

Then rain started pouring again.

Haiyah! You cannot deny liao lah kapitan aka tth.
Summore got a rooster as ur symbol.
Rich dao can open your own restaurant. LOL!

Had lunch here.
Fried rice and portugese ikan bakar was so-so, drinks sucks big time -.-
*oh and sorry didn't go ur restaurant ah tth lolz*

Had Father's Day dinner yesterday night.
I feel lazy to update bout it.
Maybe .. next time :P

Till then,
Bye! :)

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