Thursday, June 25

Decisions ...

Sigh, decisions are part of life and you can't escape it. And that's what I hate when there's HARD decisions to make. It's like, one wrong step and your whole life will be DOOMED!

Okay okay, not so serious, but it's that way. Each decision made now will have a big impact in the future. Sigh ... again ...

I'm not ready to accept the outcome YET. But, I have no choice right? :(

Well, we're taking only 10 subjects next year, it's already confirmed :( I might as well have to start thinking which subject to drop. 10 out of 12.
2 subs!! Hard choice.

I'm not very sure what I want to be in the future. No idea at all. I've got too many interests according to my parents, haha. So, it's always hard for me. Geez.

Now, I'm thinking of dropping Chinese and take Chinese Literature instead... Any advice?

Students choose their subjects based on the higher percentage to get A1 is a cruel fact that cannot be changed, me myself do think so too.

C'mon, it's only 10 subs for all, the competition will be much more tougher. I don't dare to take the risk, plus .. I'm not dropping all the Chinese subs, I may be taking Chinese Lit ma, it's still Chinese right? Sigh ...

Well, I hope there's votes from you guys :(

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