Friday, June 26

Father's Day Dinner @ Restoran CHEF Rasa Sayang Sharksfin

Muahahahha! I know it's a very very late update, but late is better than never right! :D :D :D :D

On the way we saw some idiots having open-burning, pfft. Burning rubbish. Hey! It's already hazy, thanks for making it hazier -.-

While waiting for the food to arrive, it was leeeeeeeeetle bit boring. Yea, can't blame me right? Me and my brother are the only "children" there. And since bro is closer to one of my aunt, so there goes the ms. KM, waiting and waiting for the food to arrive LOL it took ages you see LOL

and FINALLY !! The food arrived!! Lol. Sharksfin mmmm~ Okay, I know it's not eco-friendly but ... ;x

We also get to learn some Myanmar language from the waitress there. Coool! It was fun! :D Feel sad for her thou, husband passed away and still need to raise her 2 children. That's why she's working here. Sigh.

They're fast learners! She knows Cantonese, BM, English .. I feel so ashamed D: I can't even speak Hakka! maybe .. i know a leeeetle bit too? LOL

I forgot the words she taught us that day, but my Ah Yee noted them down, oh well~ Maybe get them from her some day, *if I still remember* XD

Oh oh, the total bill is RM777.36 LOL. 777 yo! xD

Other than that, I dont think there's anything anymore hmm ..


*thinks very hard*

*thinks very very hard*

*thinks very very very hard*

*thinks again .... *

Oh snap! This can continue forever LOL.
So here are some photos! .. as usual :P

Neh, those !@#&^$%&!@# people :D

Restaurant CHEF Rasa Sayang Sharksfin

I forgot what did they call this ...

Some herbal chicken I guess.

Forgot .......

:D 138 138 138 lol


❥CE CI LIA said...

WHAT? MR CHO? My dad??? LMAO wehy! Hahaaa.

doni_boney said...

nice food