Tuesday, June 2

Mind your own meow's business.

D: I don't feel the urge of updating. Main reason is I don't know what to update and there's nothing to update. Holidays is somehow killing me. So much to do yet so little time. 2 weeks still little?!!?!! YES. For me lah :(

I stared at the computer screen blankly. My mind telling me to do some other things. I know I should go. So before that, lemme tell you something about this kitten that I've been complaining for days and days :)

Kinda caught this little kitty out from the roof yesterday evening.
Put it at the back of my house and I spied at it with my camera :O :O

Small little frightened kitty

It walked to the corner ... so small ..

Sniffing around .. Trying to find its home..

Then looked over .. *quickly zoom in*

Quite fierce eh ..

RAWR !! (okay it was meow-ing lah rofl)

*zoomed out a lil* Cute paws~

Look at the fur, all stood up.

Blur liao zz.

Zoomed out~ Searching for it's mom i guess.

I like the feeling of this photo :( So .. emo ..

My back lane becomes the little kitty's very first view of the wide wide world

While I was snapping this little kitty's photo, this sampat squirrel appeared outta no where!
Really sampat squirrel okay, not those cute cute squirrel lmao!
Sampat dao, wanna go and kacau the kitty!! Big brown bully pfft!

Neh! That sneaky squirrel

Long nose evil squir!

Getting ready, spying on the meow-ing kitty.

Hopped down, evil evil.

Crawled nearer!

So the kitty became defensive!!

In defensive mode!

RAWR !! Look at the fur!! Omg.

I think the squirrel is scared lmao. Staring at the cat with a strange look xD

Then it left. Bye! Evil squirrel lmao!

Then the kitty hides itself in between the pots and wait for its mother to be back :(

Went tuition after that,
On the way back, the mother with 3 kittens was at my opposite neighbour's house. I guess they're shifting their home :(

No more "irritating" meow sounds already, kinda not used to it ...
Sigh, it's like that one lah, when it's with you, you wouldn't appreciate and treasure it until you lose it.

I wish you the best little kitty! :D


❥CE CI LIA said...

Hey, the kitten is so adorable, Though I dislike kitten/cat, but I find it cutee :D Aawww.

AnimalLover said...

Please take the kitten and its family to SPCA else these stray cats will die of hunger in the streets. Wah, you are like living in the safari, can get to see so many wild animals running freely about - monkey, squirrel and etc....

-JoJo- said...

OMG! That kitty has third eye!

-0wner! said...

Heyo, I find that quite a lot of people dislike cats lmao, why ah? xD Puppies are cuter! xD

D: Thanks for the advice! :)Haha, there's more! Well, who knows? xD It's their home before but we invaded it :(

!! Er Lang Shen? Better be careful, later it SOT you with its third eye! xD

-JoJo- said...

Faster take it home liao. It will help u SOT leng zai.

aLviN said...

the kitten is so pity!!! maybe can adapt it or find someone who is capable to take care of it! and the squarrel is so ugly la... HAHAaa...

anyway, do update my link ya..

take care

Evelyn,Sook Tieng said...

lol so cuteeee the kitten! at ur hse wan aa?why gt squirel sumore?our hse here really like jungle...haha monkey pun ada lolx... all come from the jungle near our hse i tink... hmm btw,hw's ur holiday?teehee~