Friday, June 12


Hmm, I know I'll be so dead updating this blog at this moment. But never mind, it's the holiday right? How often that you'll be blogging at 1am -.- and FEEL like blogging some more. :P

So, before I forget what I wanna blog, I'm gonna make this quick! :D

Just finished reading a chinese novel and it took me about 40 minutes to finish despite I already read 1/3 of it. Quite sad thou. Wanted to control the tears but oh well! :D

Treasure what you have! (thou this have nothing to do with the novel)

Easy to say, hard to do. It's always like that. *sigh*

I shall be going or I'm so dead. and it's Friday already :(
Really gotta start with my homework and NIE. Please :(

Morning and Nights! It depends ;)

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