Thursday, June 11

Haze Laze Daze

So, it’s the holidayyyy now!! It’s actually the 2nd week already .. it’s HALF of the 2nd week in exact :( :( Nuoooooooo! I want back holidays so badly :( (it’s not even over yet -.-) I know it’s boring, I know it’s a waste of time, I know .. I KNOW !! But, at least it’s better staying at home :(

Oh yeah, skip that part. Kinda read my old , old blog yesterday .. with my mom. Yes, it’s creepy and weird you know. It’s weird reading your own blog with your parents == No doubt. Very scary too D: Lol. You know why? Maybe if you’re a good child then you don’t know lah -.- But .. hehe .. hehe .. hehe .. I’m not ;x So THAT’S WHY creepy lah. Luckily it’s all over, it was only for that moment, thank guan yin ma for what I am today hehe :P

Had lunch at Tien Tien Lai Ku Gua Thong(I think so) == . Means bitter gourd soup restaurant! It's niceee! Well, it doesn't taste bitter .. :P After makan-makan liao of course need to exercise de lah, so ..went shopping! :D

Bought clothes :D,bought books :D, wait and ate at OldTown White Coffee, the waiter really got some issues -.- While waiting for the ordered food to arrive, I kept spinning the pencil there and it took AGES I tell you, AGES!! for the food to be ready -.- Then I just kept spinning, spinning AND spinning the pencil.

Then I almost left with the pencil in my hand -.-

Okay random -.-

& I didn't know someone was killed by sex while others thought it was a suicidal case =.=
Okay =.= and many more random news published in Malaysian Today newspaper =.=
Almost choked while reading it cause I was eating OldTown White Coffee's toast bread =.=

Next day headlines:
Girl almost choked to death while reading bout a man who is killed by sex =.=

Great -.-

& there's also sexiest vegetarians -.-
Which is Barbie Hsu o.o aka Big S no not ass -.-
and Shahid Kapoor o.o random -.-

& news about a German man smooching 111 women in 60 seconds =.="



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