Monday, May 4

I can't breathe

No, it's not that I want to sound emo or what. It's just ..............
Maybe I shouldn't take it so seriously, but, it's NEXT WEEK?!
Stuff everything that I learned for 6 months within 7 days. :)
Aiyah, no need to worry so much lah! Until exam that time all the answers will come to me de lah lolz. If it doesn't then suan liao lor ;x

Was doing Add Maths till sot and onlining the same time :D
Suddenly dad say "Let's go Rawang for dinner la!"
Xia si wo, go so far lolz.

Dinner was damn full! Delicious food~
Took photos with brother AGAIN. Was too stress before that lolz.

!!!! Bro no choi me lolz.

Now he comes~ XD

Random construction site

Dark clouds~

Final destination! xD

Kampung kampung type xD

With air-cond~

Restaurant Chin Hong (Rawang)

Bro looking at fishes lolz.

Random Ice Cube thingy

Me and .... my HAPPY bro lolz

Align CenterClaypot "Pak So Gong"

Lazy to take others lah.
Hungry dao !!
PLUS, I didn't bring the camera, photo quality not good so don't take liao loh ==
Went back and continued the homework =.=

Actually, I should start doing my revision the day BEFORE exam xD
And pretend that nothing is big about it :) SO WHAT :D

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