Monday, July 28



Laugh like shitsz this morning when I reach to school! Wtf. Thanks to Guan Yin Ma and Debbie lah. Muahaha! Gossiping about someone is so bad ok. But, who doesn't enjoy gossiping ? :O

Got a photo album as a prize for joining the photography contest in school! 1st prize ok :P I love love love that album. Want see? Lol. Got Eiffel Tower one ok XD

Nice mou? LOL.
Always wanted a photo album but lazy buy hahaha :X

After school, Bus had some problems -.- So I was late back home. Sad eh? School finishes at 1.50pm and I reach home one and a half hour later.

I promised I will practice my piano. I promised I will study.
Well, who am I kidding? Myself.

I always ignore the things that are good for me and headed the wrong way.
Promised to change and never change.
Blame my stupid attitude lah.

And, I'm sorry that I post those flies LOL.
I'm sorry flies. SORRRAY! :)

Some chinese thingie competition is on this Saturday.
Clashing with the museum seminar thing.
What to do? -___-;

Don't go museum lah.
I haven't study anything for the competition :X
Die lor! rawrsxzxxz!

What's an AIR PUCK?
Ans from someone - F***'s siblings. -___-

I forgot what I wanted to blog.
Oh well, bye then.

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