Sunday, July 20

A lifeless post


Got a call from my Chinese teacher.

I was quite...surprise thou. I think she got my house number from my cousin as I'm not using my cellphone now. Once, I thought I couldn't live without one. It turned out that, I can. I can continue with my life without depending on anything. It sure was hard at first. Hands became itchy. Missing the smses.

Oh well, back to my teacher. Yes, she called. and told me about a debate competition 6.30 this evening on RTM 2. Actually, I think she's a good teacher, although some don't really like her. She treats people good. Just, the way she talks sometimes...well, not nice to hear :)

She remind me of something. A thing that I don't want to remember, a thing that I've been avoiding to think about, a thing that I don't wanna care. How I wish time could turn back. Impossible right ? ._. And she said,

"Maybe I'm gonna let you join the debate competition next year if you're still in this school." Yeah, great.

After my PMR, I gotta think, should I transfer to another school, another environment, new teachers, new friends, a whole NEW place. I really don't feel like caring all these stuff.

I express myself better in Mandarin I guess. My English sucks ;)



尤其那种悲哀的 :D

刘力扬 - 一句一伤 不错呀 但 我自认 我还属于乐天派的人喔 :P

但有时 感情还蛮难控制的;




我还是有人性的一面 (哈哈,说得蛮恐怖下 xD)


眼泪 还是 流了下来。





至于内幕 应该不方便说吧!

我不是同性恋ok,别误会 :P




不时还会用画画来消遣时间(该说是浪费吧 :P)


有兴趣要看吗? 哈哈

献丑了 :(

ok 啦,我承认画得很丑啦。
It's ugly lol. Drawn by me and I know there's something wrong with the ratio -.-
And the hand -.-

I was too bored ok. Gotta go watch now! Enjoy those random and stupid pictures :P Taken by my webcam :O

I know it's dumb. Oh well. I'm lifeless :D

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Beatrice said...

Ish i just type u a long comment and it's gone!
Anyways, NICE DRAWING!! u talented in drawing! :D and why everbody using mandarin to type edi ar now!

ahahaha omg ur the 128348342389 people fatter den me comment reli did cheer me up thanks hun hahahah.

yeah my brother i think he's taller den me edi, i heard frm my dad that he's slightly taller den my mum. But must be taller lah, my mum is like.. short ._. LOL

Wad bone easy break! the dog? cos they're so fagile? hahaha. eh now start sch edi so no more outing for u huh? hahaha. when i go back go out with me ar! :D