Tuesday, July 15



Yes. The feeling is getting stronger.
Oh wtf, should wake up lah.

The cold water drinking thing.
Adoi, will explain Friday.

Mainly cos the coldness will slow down your digestion, then clot the oil. Cos cold mah, then get heart attack lor! :P

I know it's dumb lah. Outta blogging materials boo. and bye.

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Beatrice said...

yo cheong hei po :P jk laa. hahaha. sorry took so long to reply ur comment. anyways, i didn't know it was ur bday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUN :) hope u had a great one yea.

Eh migrate lah! Ask ur parents to apply. Must be Australia ar! ahaha. Putra Heights, haiya nx time i bring u there lah wth where got org kaya im just a poor soul :(

Malaysia got alot of racists? those malay yea? Here also got alot. OMG u blog kena caught ar hahahaha XD oh btw my bro is form 1 nx year.

OMG 700 comments haven approve so many -____- hahahaha u just keep replying but din approve? omg LOL.

eh ur pictures very cuteee lah haiyo!! :D got edit the colour oni ma so nice!!

Erm that dog is a pomeranian. cute huh! omg guess so expensive wan ar!! T____T *shakehead