Sunday, July 6



Should I just give up?
Or do the best of it.

To be or not to be.

Reality is meant to be accepted.
- But if it's unacceptable, CHANGE IT.

That's what a friend of mine said ._.

Note to self: Go think...properly.


wenQ said...

what is reality?
reality is something that is constructed by our perceptions and beliefs.. and so of course, it can be changed. good luck! ^______^


Beatrice said...

eh dis post, wad happen?
aiya u sure can pass all ur exams geh lah u smart ok den cum Aus study lor :P
Oh so u stay in puchong? near my area last time! I stay in Putra Heights, noe that area?
hahah year book vry cool and expensive ar? why? hurm he was born in south africa but he came to Aus since very young, therefore he's not racists, he mix with a bunch of asians! hahahaha. Yalor moral form 4 and 5 compulsory must take right, so hard summore stupid lor that sub! true true, summore x bermoral HAHAHAHA. so mean to own country lah u!
aiyeh, same case! I heard my bro getting taller and taller edi, soon 2 b taller then me got dad genes too T_T how old is ur bro again?
YALAH we comment ar like reply testimonial oni! I rmb last time in friendster also reply soo long and cheong hei testi wan! harhar but now lazy edi wtf.
p/s: all ur pics in ur post very nice!!
p/s2: eh yaa u form 3 kan? PMR coming right? XD