Wednesday, July 23

SEJARAH, adoi.


Busy busy busy -__-
It's dumb to keep repeating it.
Life's but nothing than busy o.o
Busy eating, watching tv, playing, but not study!!

Gosh, tomorrow got some Sejarah quiz thing. usual, I hope I won't get bad results for it -__-
Only one chapter!! T_T

It's one month till my piano exam.
So... I know I couldn't fail. -_-

Adoi, learned some stupid badminton stuff. -__-
Don't even know how to hold a racket properly.
Stupid NPC -.- and W.H.Y -.- and Sherwin -.-

I don't know why my bro not cute in here already lor lol. Taken by my dad's SE P1i phone! :D

Sigh, bro arguing with maid. Sometimes they're just irritating lol. And, the maid is kinda a pain in a neck ._. She always don't wanna eat rice and stuff. Thinks she's fat and wanna keep fit or "Minus Fat". Later complain gastric lah, headache lah, having her *monthly ahem* still don't wanna eat breakfast -___-!

I'm even fatter than her lah -__- Her body shape damn nice ok LOL!

One day she damn irritating, I was frying my PANCAKE with my mom, it was the next day she got scolded. So she's like, purposely after drinking her cup of coffee and said : " Full already."
And nobody asked her at all -.- Me and mom was like *wtf? -_______-" Irritating OR NOT?! Sheesh.

Ok lah. Gotta err.. study *ahem* :D

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