Friday, July 11

Mixed up.


This week, life is so busy.

Ok. Now my feeling in damn mixed up. I keep thinking about something I shouldn't.
It all started this Wednesday.
And I'm having that weird feeling ever since that day!
Oh shits. I know I shouldn't be thinking about that..But, maybe it's just, only for that second?
Gah, I've been thinking too much.
I have much more important things to do, to think, to score!
I must focus..... -.-

But it keep bugging me ARGHH !!
Feel like taking my brain out and chop into 18 pieces so it can't think anymore -.-
And that time I will say byebye to you people forever :D

I've acting weird lately. Or didn't I -.- Or, I AM WEIRD (?) :D
I don't know.
Can't let emotions get over me too much :D Emotions are dangerous... :P
Should think positive. Think other stuff than that. keep popping out of my mind. Pfft.

The perfect medicine for everything!
I should keep myself busy and forget about that thought.
It was just..a coincidence after all. Nothing special.
And it's impossible..impossible....

But, why me?!
Things seem to be..tooo obvious.
Everything I see, it's just...making me guessing it correctly.
Oh, maybe I'm just pretending to be right wtf -.- Too perasan lol xD

Bah, forget about that. :D

Me and Karina lol.

Chuan Karina pfft.

At Sunway hotel.

Looking at photos makes me happy :D Memories...

Tags will be replied sooon..soon people.

note to self: GET OVER THAT STUPID FEELING! :D & I'm a cold blooded person, so no feelings! :)

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