Monday, March 17


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Ohkay, so holiday officially ended yesterday. How sad eh ? When you can't even sleep late in your cozy bed till the sun burns your ass. Nyaahahaa ! -____-

Gah, exams was ok today as SOME of the questions are last year's questions !! wtf. I didn't refer to last year paper and I color the wrong circleeeeee >___< ! SOME only lah, not really that stupid Lol. and I also hope that English can get 90 above or not i will kill myself wtf. because i think everybody will get 100 ! especially that you-know-who. :D

Ate Pizza Hut's pizza for lunch :D 1300-88-2525 pizza hut special delivery ! ;) + my all time FAVOURITE mushroooooom soup and Chicken wings ! *burps* zomg. I finished the whole regular pizzaaa xD Chicken wings are left for dinner ;) Gees, no wonder I'm fat :( Must go joggingg !

History and Maths tomorrow, booo. Everybody knows that both of them hate me rightttt ? RAWR. I'm HISTORY tomorrow! :D Ugh! I need to go Guardians laaaa. Emergencyyy!

not pregnant. lolkthxbye.

wish you all that have exams will have a happy exam week :D
see i so good right? :D :D

and no one seems to answer that eggy question in my previous post :/

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