Thursday, March 27

Motivation Seminar in Universiti Malaya

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Current mood- Tired.

Went the motivation seminar by Adam Khoo and Domino's pizza in some Dewan in University Malaya. Was almost the same with last year. Something weird happened, cos got a person asked me some questions in a scary way, that's what i think :D.

and saw Cynthia !! LOL. Inside the toilet :/ The hall was again cold. Thanks to the air cond. lucky got bring th jacket :D

Outside UM. -__-

Me and Hui Teng AGAIN lor ;)

The Roti Bakar I eat almost everytime I go to that shop -__-

after reaching back school, still needa go for chinese class, but then, we practice and PRACTICE the poem thingie only, so actually other people no need to come de lor xD then they record during the practice. wtf. anw, asked humans to accompany me again. Heh ! >:)

School's having sports rehearsal so, was not doing anything and talking crap with friends in class. I still like to daydream.

Don't feel like thinking anything sometimes, rest the stupid brain of mine.

5 days to my birthday !! xD And officially turning 15. :/

I'm going to SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong (1) on 3April (2 days aft my bday xD) for chinese poem competition :D Which is Cynthia's school. Lol. Sei lor, the poem hor, speechless :X

Part of the poem, lame hor? Don't know need to do what action -__-" It's actually all same de.
Dont know why my voice sucks lor. wtf.
YERRR. Was so different then I thought. -__-

SO, ciao !
Remember my presents ! XDDD

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