Tuesday, March 11

-__- It was a MONKEY afterall.

About yesterday. No cat. No rat.
Cat maybe got, but confirm no rat.
after cat incident, i was continuing surfing the net and stuff.
there was some noise.
my study room is near to the kitchen.
( so that i can eat whenever i want without walking that much )
then. i turned to the kitchen table top
and saw.... A MONKEY (!) HAHA WTF.
It was sitting there.
then it saw me.
wanted to run :D
but then bang all over my small kitchen.
the door closed.

I thought it wouldnt get out this time.
How clever of it to run to my maids room -__-
Gees. her window is open and it ran away :/

I told my maid and mom.
Apparently they think im blind and stupid enough and cant even differentiate between a monkey and a cat (!?@#$%&*)
my maid even HOPPED on me and thought i was joking all the way wtf.
i almost fall cos she keep hopping on me wtf -__-

Till she saw an onion on top of the kitchen balcony (transparent mah)
Only she believe that only monkeys can bring them up.
Cos cats and rats cant do that.
or maybe cats can idk.

So I think my neighbourhood is becoming a zoo next time.
Wonder when got Babi or other animals :O
OR i will find Tarzan and Jane kissing on top of my balcony :D

Its Tuesday already.
Time really flying fast these days :O
or is it just me (?)

Havent done my revision.. ;(
Wonder whether i can survive this time.
or I MUST.
wtf. -__- !
done with crapping.
ciao !

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