Saturday, March 15

Time Flies, Say byebye ;)

Currently listening to- Apologise
Current mood- Lazy :3
Currently addicted to- REFERENCE BOOKS ! yeah, so NOT -_-

Gaah, exam on Monday.
Die mou? die die dieeee x_X
My piano pieces also shucksss now lor :(
Later fail then im so dead meat.
Parents will go killing and chopping me :(


Actually wanted to follow mom to the Orphanage one. eh, i full of *coughs* kasih sayang *coughs* one ohkay! :P but then due to exams, i have to study but as you know, the desktop is soo oo ooo attractive! until it made me stick to it :D

but i'm still a good girl :) yesterday i tried to study :o and i did!! yay! and my maid even think that i'm sick -__-;

maid: you can go play the comp. your dad is not at home. (with a "what's wrong with her" look)
me: err. okok, i will, after my revision 1st.

Yay! Lol. I almost LMAO ! Ohkay, not funny. -_-


I'm just helping my cousin here by asking you all one question ! ONLY ONE. ok? :)

How to shoot an egg with a rubber band and allowing it to move 10m in a horizontal distance or more without any wheels/lubricant on it?

Any idea ?

*prizes included !
**will be given out by HER of cos :P

Kay. Done with crapping. I must go somewhere after exams (!!!)
Movies and Nice FOOOOD are 2 MUSTS ! :DD

~waiting for THE DAY to come ;D
pls dont disappoint me..

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