Monday, March 24

Truth Hurts

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Heh heh >:)

zomg?! i'm not anywhere near 18 !! :D

and yet I manage to get in :DD thanks to my mom and my stupid old looking face :D

Finally watched it. It wasn't as nice as Just Follow Law. But it's still funny :D

March 23.
Easter day.
and its also the 2nd ANNIVERSARY YEAR !! :)















HOUSE !! :)
especially my bed, hereby thank my parents for buying it and also my parents boss for giving them salary every month and also the bonus every year. thanks to me also, for being a good girl. thanks to my pet hamster, if you didnt sacrifice yourself and made me sad, they wont comfort me by buying that oh-so-zen-style bed. and thanks to my brother for eating all my seaweeds... -__- !

So, everyone decided to go Pavilion to the Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa :D to celebrate. But, its was CLOSED FOR MAJOR MAINTAINENCE !! PFFT !!

On th way happily thinking that can try th fish spa thingie.
Ignore the bro :D Lol.

Before that, we went for our brunch @ Carl's Jr. :DD
And 4 of us ordered only ONE BURGER. it's already enough, ohkay ? -__-"

Carl's Jr @ Pavilion.

Starry stars :D We're the FIRST customer! -__-

Dalalala ~
My cousin got th STAR SHAPED PILLOW wtf.
Show you guys next time. She's in South Africa NOW !!

Opening the NICE BIG YUMMY Mushroom Burger!!
I'm Hungry NOW alr =="

TOO pretty to show my nice face :)

Nah. Size MATTERS. :) *white lies ;)*

Weird @@

then walked around Pavilion. and I found something funny.
A nice malay sales girl, thought that my mom was a Japanese !! And I think since my mom is already a Japanese, then as her daughter, *ahem* ME, also look like Japanese lor ? HAHAHAHAAA. WTF. Not funny -__-"

After brunch, is lunch. -__-
went to try the DRAGON restaurant ( Long De Chuan Ren) :)
Nice foood ! Especially the Ramen, and Xiao Long Bao again !
Almost the same as Ding Tai Fung's one thou.

Long De Chuan Ren @ Pavilion.

Ze Menu ;)

DRAGON's one. (Long de Chuan Ren)

Ding Tai Fung's one :)

And I ordered the Hokkaido's scallop soup Ramen ! Yummm ~~

Look at the HUGE scallop !

Slurppsss! :DD

after all the foods, must go exercise. so, walked around Pavilion. and bought a new Fila Tee :D
Heeehee :) Then, think of buying the bag also, but, considered about the environment in the place where I study, better not >:/

On the way back, saw NICHII MOVING OUT SALESSS !!
Thou it's sales, but can't really find anything, so, just bought a Blue tee. Aduh, so many new clothes alr :DD

while waiting :D

So, there goes the wonderful weekend.

And GREAT, add another Mr. 70 on the list thanks.

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