Friday, March 28


Currently listening to- Wo Bu Pei- Jay Chou.
Current mood- Pissed.

This is the most sweaty day ever in my Form 3 life. wtf. I've been "CHOSEN" to help teacher with other 4 girls in my class to DECORATE the "Khemah Tetamu" which is the VIP's place to sit. Gah, hanging up those heavy and smelly cloths. Adoi.

In th morning I was kinda outta my mind I guess. was talking crap till my friends cannot tahan me. they thought I'm having fever. Those very high ones. Those are really crap lor, summore self talk self laugh those kind. zomg (!) Lucky I was back to normal after that. -___-" Laughing disorder I guess (?)

After school, kena scolded by the driver. Cos can't find me. wtf. T__T Next time just accompany me wait laa. Everytime I go somewhere, sure got something happen. Then, she complained and stuff about how his son being tortured by th tuition and stuff. And thanks to my bro. But, actually I don't really know what happened lor, why people like to make things big one? Can't they have win-win situation ? Sigh...

Tomorrow it's Saturday and I still needa go to sch for PBSM stuffs. and mostly, AFTER THE SWEATING DAY, I needa go to my piano replacement class. T____T Diao hor. SO sticky and ewwy.

And crap, it has just rained just now. Which means, the field WILL BE WET AND FULL OF MUSHY MUSHY MUD. WTF ! Damn. Not happy. Not good. Not funny lor. -__-" I really hate th mud one ohkay. Th field is already quite wet and full of mushy mud in some place. Nuuuuoooooo ! Gah.

I hate this person who like to mention about th past. Since it's already over please don't keep talking about it. And don't act like your very pro. Oh please, scolding and crapping to me and think you very lihai cos you know what happened in school when you're already graduated for 2 years. It's last year stuff and come on, still talking about it. I know you somehow tried to help me, but at last you also didn't give any help so shaddup lor. Making people all moody and stuff very fun meh now.

Mood already not good cos of the stupid hot weather summore keep on crapping during the hanging smelly and heavy cloths process with the DAMN FRIENDLY CUTE WARM SUN existence. wtf (!)

Don't understand why people just can't mind their own business, and keep making things big. Gees.

Anw, happy school replacement day for tomorrow! Wee -___-!


Good lor now. happy lor now. it's raining liao lor. The heavy rain kind summore lor. I have no black shoes like those prefects one lor fyi. so tomorrow can say byebye to my nice white school shoes liao lor. happy lor. T___T

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