Thursday, March 13

Its always too late

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Wonder when only can the rain stop. The wind is like howling outside my house :O Like ghost you know ?! Gees, friggin lazy to touch my Sejarah-lah. Darn annoying memorizing those names. so damn long for one person. Why can't they just put three characters ? Or names that are easy to remember ? Eg: F____ S______ham - A ham that sweats !

Later kena sued by that person wtf. Geography also die die dieeee loh. Really don't feel like revising leh. *cries!

Skipping the next whole week is a good idea. Darn excited on the outting on 30th March ! With my.... cousins lah dei. Don't think too much :P Single *coughs* yet *coughs* not available :D Lol ! Exam now seems like a small thing. Being used to exams aint a good thing -_-

Ohya! And the SPM results was out yesterday ! Got a person got 20A1 1A2 man (!) Friggin geng ! I think I can die revising *coughs* 21 *coughs* subjects *chokes* Hollymolly (!) I think he has a 80gb memory card slot( OR MORE ! ) in his brain. Gees, if I'm that superwoman then I wouldnt be suffering now like shits. T.T

Our future really DO depends on how many A's we're getting meh ? I wonder until my year, there's a person who got 40 A's liao. Or the next generation, they're aiming for 100A's. Is there SO MANY subjects to take ? o_O The basic subject is already very killing lehs ! Especially Maths I tell you. Numbers seems to hate me 0875928639476235 63978745934 T__T

Gaah, enough shits !

Ohkay peeps ! Here's some photos during the long long time outting at Sushigroove.

oops ! :O

fooling around -__-

you dont see this pose often ya ;)

Off to chew my sejarah and geography and KH *arh uhm arhh uhmuhm* *crumbs drops off* -___-!

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