Wednesday, March 19


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Yay ! Exams are finally over. Heh ;) Only 3 days of suffering. Well, I have a feeling that my exam results this time is very dead. Especially for History, Geography, Science, KHB-Perdagangan, Maths, Arts, Moral, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese... Oh, that actually means ALL the subjects -___-" excluding English *prays. Ohwell, at least you-know-who for sure is better than me this time :DD

But, heck cares, it's NOT PMR, NOT mid year exams, NOT the finals, just Ujian Setara, which I don't know what it means, cos my BM really sucks I tell you, don't know how am I going to take the government tests, :D Thou the marks are going to print or write in the oh-so-pretty report card, I don't really mind. Just DO WELL in PMR then can right? Lol.

I see some people are having this kinda attitude while facing exams :) I wasn't one before, and I think I'm becoming one :O ohmg. It's a no no. Gaah, but people do change? Hmm... But it's not easy kay, cos I think face problem :D and other than that I think parents will kill me for doing that and gonna ban this ban that, worse, ground me T.T

So, speaking of Yay-ness. It's a DOUBLE YAY !! :DD

Holiday tomorrow !! Weee~ Cos we too stress after exams and therefore, it's a holiday for tomorrow ! :D -___-" It's some Maulid Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. thingie.

So, back to exams.
Nothing special thou.

went Giant to celebrate ! :D -___-"
(actually is i wanna buy stuffs*:] )

Ate Pizza again. Don't know why the service tax is kinda exp. But the service ain't that good at all. Heard that next time the tax is gonna raised till 10-15% ! Sigh..

then went Guardian to buy what I suppose to buy ;) And then kindly "forced" and "asked" 2 person to accompany me before going back. Cos have to wait for the not-so-good transport. It will be drop dead boring if I wait on my own, and maybe will be kidnap by those very scary, dangerous people out there like Nurin, and Sharlinie and then being sexually tortured or whatever it calls. wtf. crazy people out there. ugh.

Those 2 person are so kind-hearted to waste their time accompanying me the stupid fat annoying noisy dumbo :D Can't really mention their name of some circumstances ;) maybe writing their initials KYTS and TWL and urhm, Josh. Josh somehow was actually waiting for his transport also -__-. But still..

A big


to them. :D


Ohkay, fine...



It's a holiday tomorrow but I think I won't be enjoying it to the full most cos, I will be spending the whole day in front of the piano which is very boring and pray that my fingers won't crack and eye lids won't close. must have very enough sleep tonight.

& i must try not to think about *some stuffs* which causes me INSOMNIA almost every night and very hard to get in sleep thanks to that person. wtf. damn scary you know ?! & it's hard to not think about it through the whole night on my comfy bed. -__-" HOW GOOD IF ALL THIS NEVER EVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY ! T_T Worse of all, I'm gonna face all this shits everyday. Ugh!


I WILL GO AND WATCH MOVIES THAT ARE 18 AND ABOVE. (i'm gonna be old :D) I DONT HECK CARE WHAT IT SAYS. TELL ME WHY AH LONG PTE LTD IS 18PL?! cos Fann Wong holding a Parang during her wedding ka? wtf. or scared that she will jump out from the screen and chop people that are watching? o_O

and why th heck that, GHOST MOVIES are 18 & above also? Come on, if people don't dare to watch also won't go wasting money and time to queue and buy the tickets to watch the movie lah. Gaah.

Ohkay, I think you feel wanna zzz already now right? So, go have a good night sleep and hope everybody is fine in their sleep and not like me. :(

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