Wednesday, December 17

Busy busy busy.

Argh, I'm owing people many tags.
I'll finish it someday Sorry guys lol.
Many things to do now!
Guess what, Christmas is like in a week time!
Which means, PMR results will be releasing very soon.
Which leads to, a "HAPPY" New Year.
Which is, the start of form 4 life.
Oh my, sometimes I just feel like freezing the time :/

I wonder how form 4 life is gonna be
So called sweet sixteen next year .. then SPM
I don't wanna fail any subjects next year lah srsly.
Physics may be my 1st sub
Or maybe any science subject / add maths :O

After 28 days, it'll be Chinese New Year! Get ready your angpaos people!
But I doubt the amount of money we're receiving.
Recession lah
But, sure got good food to eat right?

And and, I hope I won't do anything bad next year >:|
Sheesh! Better not mention about it anymore, not a good thing >:|

Before the upcoming photo,
Click Cyndi's blog's nuffnang ads ! xDD
Before that, click mine too okay :P
And now, I, present you ..


Lol. Cute right
My babysitter's granddaughter :D
Sorry for the bad quality lah, 1.3mp phone is liddat de lah
Can you believe it, my babysitter since I was baby till 3 yrs old.
After all these years, her very own granddaughter in 3 :)

Bumped into her in IOI Mall.
Yeah, it's a small place where almost all Puchong people go
Often bump into people :/

Everything that happened seemed like .. just yesterday ..
Oh well!


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