Wednesday, December 24

Forensic Heroes II

Yada yada .. I know it's an old show, but heck cares lah, me likey!
Finally finish watching it ! :)
Buuuuuut, I still think the first one nicer :P
'Cause Ding Ding was in it :/
This ending kinda made me LOL-ed at Madam Ma. xD
Still got more shows waiting for meeeeee! BDD

Booooo. Results out on 30th is confirmed?
Maybe they should announce the results today or smth :P
Nuoo, I'm not crazy .. just that ...
Waiting for the results are hella killin me :(
Since you needa face it someday, why not just face it now zzz.
Results ain't gonna spoil my mood anyway :DDDD

So wud if there's no straight A's hor? LOL.
I dont think I'll accept the fact THAT easily..
Nvrmnd! Happy-go-luckyyyy! XD

It's xmas eve today, don't really think I'm going anywhere :/
Should just stay at home and pack up stuff to Cameron Highlands tomorrow! :D


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