Saturday, December 27

Late ...

Wookay, first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone that wished me and also everyone out there -.-
I'm sorry that it's late :P Been busy again ..
You know lah, school is like starting in another week time ..
Then results are out in another 2 days time.
Just dyed my hair, old liao .. A lot of grey hair :( sad ..
Twisted my ankle a lil .. -.- it's painful duh ..
Went Cameron Highlands , freezing cold .. brrr ~
Some more whud? ..

Haiyah, actually I cannot online -.-

Problem : My Streamyx icon suddenly went missing and I can't create another connection thru My Network Connection. I suspect it's some random virus causing all these stuff .. Any idea?

So, I should just be good and practice my piano :) Lool.
Happy new year !

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