Sunday, December 14

Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean, Malacca.

Still feeling sleepy early in the morning, not much photos taken.
No lah, actually 240+ photos was taken in this one day trip :/
Some were crappy ones, but never mind :)
So, I'll separate the post again -.-
I'm using photobucket, so it'll take some time to load.
Blogger uploader hates me :(

And and, we act like total tourist :/


Yellow Red Blue ..

Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean

inside the perlis house ._.

No flag , No idea

Penang's house.

Johor one I think, the mushrooooms!

Not ready yet :/

>:O If there's food he'll just eat eat and EAT :/

Spot the flag and guess it yourself :/

Going up!

Sarawak House

The gong and drums.
As you can see the floor is made of 'buluh's, quite pain when you walk on it :/
Mosquito is irritating.

EEEEEEKK ! This thingy in the house :O

Crept you out? No ? :P

Coming up: Food post and leng zai ang moh post :O

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