Saturday, December 13

English Holiday Camp 2008 Inti UC, Nilai. (part 3)

..*continues ..*

The crew! Woooots! BIG CLAP TO THEM OKAY :D

The Sketch crew.

Fashion show crew.
Illysia, Mona, Karen, you-know-who, Kaness and Michelle.

Sketch crew. Many people, many names @_@
Double E, Adrian, Ashwin, Deepa, Kallai, Daniel, Illysia, Dheeraj, Jen, Hwang Ming, Mona, Weng Teik and Lisia.

*it goes left top bottom right.*

Sharhin I think lol.

Dheeraj. Another tall dude lol.

Ashwin, Weng Teik, Kaness and Sharhin.
Both Ashwin and Weng Teik is like .. SO TALL?!

The whole group! :D

Sien, Blur already :/ It'll be nice you know :/

Yuvaaaaaa! and Jen. My head super cacat zzz!


Played many games, team work and stuff.
I'm the disabled one, never mind -.-
The game part was fun, but the ending one wasn't that nice.
Not to say the videos and stuff, just .. it's time to leave :(
Oh well, nice experience for a first camp! Hahaa.

I learnt that, nothing is actually perfect.
We gotta team up with different kinds of people to perfect something.
That's the lesson :)

With the facilitators! :)

We got 2nd for the treasure hunt game!!! :D
Now you get the, 2 tall guys, 2 medium girls thingy? :/

BLUR PHOTO KILLS. At least it's something ._.

A clearer one, but 2 of my friends kena cut off :/

The whole camp was a nice one.
But the food isn't -.- Almost everyday there's spicy food, and people like me only take spicy food occasionally -.-
Lucky I got my snacks :x
But the food they prepared is really A LOT. If you like spicy food, you'll like the food there lol.
And most of all, the facilitators were GREAT! :)

Sleeepy now.
Those that I blogged are actually very big parts of them..
I'll keep the memories within myself. :)

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