Tuesday, August 19

0% of joy!


That is a frog not toad ok.
I just found it resting peacefully somewhere in my garden.


Sigh.. 25 AUGUST. Can anyone save me? T____T
O_O !! Hani, a helper of Jackson Ng from Mastermind called me ._.
Asking me whether wanna join some kinda seminar in Taman Desaru I think ._.
This Thurs and Fri... Fees RM 788 O_________________O
RM 788 leh. I think I just study 5 hours a day than 3 hours ._.

I wonder how's the froggy doin. Haven seen it for 2 days already ._.
Ok lah. Should go practice piano.


Still not feeling the joy of holidays D:

Tagged by Deborah Katy and Nion head.

Tagged by Deborah Katy.

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1. I complain a lot when my mood is really really bad.
2. I likeLOVE to eat.
3. Hates to study, but still study for the sake of studying .___.
4. Having 2 major exams this year, and taking it last minute-ly.
5. Love sheep. Cute one lah.
6. Want to grow taller .___.
7. Have a fat face wtf.

I am lazy to tag people. So I tag Onion Head lah.

Next tag by Nion.

Number : No idea.

Colour : Bright colors! Baby colors! Black and white

Day : HoliDAYs.

Month : April. Although there's exams -.-

Song : Anything nice :D

Food : Any nice food lol.

Sport : Badminton...

Drink : Mango juice ._.

Candy : Gummies ._.

Ice Cream : Vanilla. Mint and chocolate ;D

Season : Autumn!

Band : No idea.

Movie : No fav one ._.

Website : Porn hahahahahahahaha :X No lah, none i guess.

Animal : Anything cute LOL. Sheep, puppies, rabbit, hamsters....

Item of Clothing : Anything nice i guess.

Word : O_O

Place : I like the beach......

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