Thursday, August 14

4th day of TRIALS >_>


Moral, I don't know how to say.
Well, hard to predict future ok.
Die then die lah.
But, die die also need study mah.
KH ._. Must get 80 and above I tell you.
Cannot "sui" to the teacher! :)

Maths also!! BAH, I HATE MATHS! 293746926354287534285734865 + - / * pfft.

Chinese, I scare real PMR I'll get B only.
Sigh... Not to be boastful or what, but I always get the highest in class / whole form I not sure lah.
Seriously, I don't think my Chinese that good. Or maybe teacher is too good and generous to gimme such high marks .__.
Later, I really get B for Chinese then I think my Chinese teacher will drop her specs and jaws till 10000000km .__.

Will be updating AFTER my TRIALS! Which is tomorrow I guess ;)

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