Friday, August 8

The only 080808!


Wait another hundred years for the next 080808 ! A set of auspicious numbers that brings wealth! Don't forget health also ;)

Well just putting these photos for the sake of today lol.

The logo.

The fu-was!

Bird nest stadium!

The swimming stadium lol.

I just think that the stadiums are simply just cool.

Anyone gonna sit in front your TV, plasma TV, small TV, go mamak with big screens etc at 7.55pm and wait for the opening ceremony?

I really hate the smoke smell. Why can't they just ban them from smoking in public places like restaurants or mamak or coffee shops? Should just build a kinda small box, and put smokers inside and let them smoke! Smell their own puffy smoke and choke and die! Muahaha. Ok, no offense ._.

And there's this random guy. Miss called my number for like 9 times -.- And claimed that I miss called him in the first place. Like wtf lah, need to call till 9 times after people not answering your phone call or not ah?! Gilerr.

Playing piano need imaginations. That is only where your expressions can come out.
Yeah, but, I don't know since when my imaginations are gone. Far far away. And no where to be seen. Sigh...
Not only imaginations, dreams are somehow gone too. I hadn't been dreaming since.... even I forgot.

Ok lah, there's some weird fruit I wanna post. But lazy transfer to computer ._. Heh.

Tomorrow got schooooool ah. I really don't feel like going. But, aiyah, just go lah. Since the trials are on Monday! Yes, I repeat, NEXT MONDAY!!!!!! Gosh, I feel like screaming my lungs out. Seriously, I haven't study. Not at all. *nods head*

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