Tuesday, August 26



Updated kinda late. Yeah, got headache after my piano exam. Too much stress I think. Really sad lah ok. Aduh. Once I think about, the way I played my Scales, Aural.. Headache attacked me. Sighh..I seriously THINK that maybe my brain got some problem. WTHELL. The day before piano exam, I got headache too. Can't take the risk of letting it heal by itself and maybe didn't on the next day, so straight away took panadols. What to do?!

So, Beijing Olympics just ended some day ago. London's turn now. How sad to not watch it live. Thanks to the piano exam :) Just had my Grade 8 exams yesterday. It's a 70 percentage to pass. My pieces were ok. Slightly breakdown somewhere in 2nd and 3rd piece *frowns* Scales also a lil breakdown *frowns again* I did sight-reading steadily I guess. Lastly, Aural doesn't seem so good.

If the examiner is generous and good enough, I think I'll at least score for that 103 marks. 3 marks more than the passing mark - 100. A very narrow aim. But, what can I do? Sighh.. Just hoping for pass mark in Scales, Aural and sight-reading. Not more. For pieces, maybe aim a lil higher. Hope those lil breakdowns wouldn't affect my overall marks. If so, I think I'll kill myself *stabs self* ADUHAI. Save me! :)

Eh? Should go for diploma IF I passed right? Heh 8D

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