Thursday, August 21

Another boring holiday lol


哇噻… 真的饿到~~
终于 撑不住了
把家里最宝贵的---面包! 给拿出来。
一连弄了5片, 搽了牛油 + 少许糖。
现在… 满足了许多。 (也多了很多很厚的脂肪)
又没有去烧脂 -.- 开学又多了个肥婆!
不理那么多啦! 吃得是福也

整个假期都在弹琴,手指都快给弹烂了 ~~
希望可以过关斩将, 顺利通过考试吧!
如果真的如我所愿, 必定戒口5天?
就让我通过吧! 最后一年了。

Well, Avril's concert had been canceled
Bet all Avril's fans are mad. What for cancel it ._. Too sexy lah. Sexy my foot lah zzz.

4 more friggin days to my exam!
Shiat. I want to pass ok. Don't care whether it's just pass or what, I WANT TO PASS !
I think should wear formally since this is the last year ( I HOPE )
Wear like a lawyer and stuff ahhaha. With black-framed specs

Beh tahan jor, ate 5 pieces of bread with butter and some sugar. (Wtf so fattening rite?)
Fat fat fat fat fat!! Like omgosh. I think should minus fat ady lah, wait till i can stop eating lol.
I like to eat Just made another 3 pieces of toasted bread for brother :D See, what a good sister eh?
Ok lah, gotta get going. Ciao!