Friday, August 22

COMPLAIN post ._.


Ok, I will complain in this post! Hmpf.

I went for piano lesson today and done some Aural test. I sucked in it ok, just because I suck in singing, then I suck the whole thing lor! Most of all, I shouldn't have drink the Ice Lemon Tea before going for lesson. Sad thing is, I didn't know that Aural will be going on, and if there's Aural, I'll like freeze in the room like people wear bikinis in North South Pole. The air-cond was on with a temperature of 16 degrees with fan like..the strongest fan?!

So, imagine, a woman, with bikinis, drinking ice water, in Santa's house. Probably even Santa's house got a heater, so maybe just the open space of North Pole and that woman "enjoying" the breeze too.

In that kinda condition for at least 1 and a half hour!! Feel cooling rite?! And it was RAINING outside !! OMG. I almost freeze to death when my teacher's hubby still say very warm and cozy O.O !! I was already shivering and went numb after walking out of his room. I wonder what's under his skin ._.

Went to wash my hands, the water was warm .____. My tiny finger went numb and couldn't play the piano properly, which is the stupid scales ! OHMYGOD.

And now, I'm feeling kinda hot, like getting some sort of fever. Goodness, drinking 2 bottles of 1.5 litres of water ain't helping lor! T___T Later I sick on Monday how?! *TOUCHWOOD !!!

So, maybe I'll fail my Aural part and byebye my Scales and guess what, my 1st piece is well played?! WTFYAY ! So happy lol.

Lastly, I wanna rant about, my holidays. It's drop dead boring. Not even one outing, everyday it's just PIANO PIANO PIANO & PIANO ! Fun right wtf. Feel like banging my head on the wall ! Didn't even bother to do the holiday homework teachers gave. Die lor! No homework doing mood at all.


All of this is gonna end after Monday! I must hang on till the last minute. Will totally be relief of all the piano stuff but not PMR. Oh please please please lemme pass my piano exam lah.. I beg anybody anything anyone !! Just to lemme PASS I'll play many other songs, pop songs, classical songs, performance songs and more hardworking if I passssssssss Shit lah, sound like some desperate people who wanna pass their exam lol wtf. STRESSSS LAH. *Where's my food LOL.

I really feel the heat in my body right now ._. Hope it isn't the feverish kind lah Can't afford to get sick now. At least after my exam want sick then sick lah wtf.

End this post with my fake smile wtfbbq.

I'm gonna wear this for my piano exam day.
Formal ok T___T

Should go plant my fingers in the keyboards now. Byebye people.

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