Tuesday, July 14

Another normal day~

Was lining up while buying bread in 7-11.
Saw this young lady, buying a packet of cigarettes.

No offense, but I really don't like people who smoke.
Maybe she was just buying for her boyf or whoever out there.
But ..

Those terrible black/grey/dying lungs,
Yellowish teeth,
Etc etc horrible ugly disgusting illustration printed outside of the cigarette box.
small LARGE WARNING notes ..
All of them doesn't seem creepy to you guys eh?
maybe it's pretty in your eyes :/

Not to forget that smell *barf*

Sometimes I hate sitting at the opposite-school restaurant
Always being back home with that irritating smoky smell. ew.


Going to a Motivational Seminar tomorrow.
It's the 3rd time I'm going xD xD xD
Started since form 2, then 3, and now! :D

Oh, something really dumb happened in the morning -.-
I need supar glue weh, glue glue glue! *grin*
How I wish I can do that in real life *hmpf*


Tomorrow BSMM quiz.
Great ....... haven't touch a bit pun.
BSMM pros? *smirk*


I guess that's all for today :(

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