Friday, July 10

Updating ...

I hate repeating this, and I know you guys also hate to keep reading this .. but .. time flies again! LOL. Ugh, many stuff happened again this week and YET I can't remember most of them in detail. I really need to clear off some memory, but :( I tak sampai hati :(

Things just come and go ..
What's done is done.
There's nothing you can do.

Do you believe that there's miracles?


PPSMI thing stopped. Back to your own mother tongue!
Hah! Cool move eh? Can't improve then go backwards. You guys rock!!
Just like MJ's Moonwalk? Not even close pfft.

Secondary school should just stick to English !!

The timeline is just plain ridiculous.


Next Weds : BSMM Quiz. (I'm not even sure whether I can go or not -.- Haven't read the notes yet too!!! omg)

Next Thurs : Chemistry Quiz (Hah! RM5 for one cert LOL. I need my mom's brain now)

1/8/09 : Chinese Literature Quiz (I really gotta start reading that 3 books nao)

8/8/09 : Trip to the orphanage. (Get ready my BSMM Uni and camera for moral tugasan!)

Folios due before Aug :
  • Sivik project which consist of 1 folio and 1 report omg :(
  • Moral Tugasan which consist of 8 essays!! omg :( :(

ARGH! It's almost half of July already!!
Plus minus those exams stuff D:
Yr end will be coming soon
Then Form 5
Then SPM
Then ?

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