Wednesday, July 15

Motivational Seminar by Adam Khoo; Dominos Pizza @ SEGi College.

Went SEGi college, Damansara.
Had seminar.
3rd time listening to the 98% same stuff.
But with different gang of people.

Not bad lah,
The part where he memorizes 20 random words
In just reading it once was damn cool !
He can tell them in both ascending and descending order,
Or even any random sequence!

He should teach how he memorizes that
And not keep teaching the same words D:
Every year! D:

Damn freaaking cold in the bus.
It was raining too.
And traffic jam.

Was blasting Daughtry's new album with my phone.
Forgot to bring my earphones. Damnit.

Don't really feel well.
Lucky sweater was with me :D

Got free apple, didn't want to take it -.-
Then some Yo Good muesli thing.
And Marigold Soya Bean.

then bla bla bla.

Rain D:


Domino's crew singing their jingle.

I find this nice lol

Looks like Ben 10 Ditto lol =x

Something something..

Cannot kill them 'cause masuk jail cannot play computer games -.-
Cannot kill self, 'cause cannot play computer games also ._.
So succeed lah o.O

Woo .. Power words.

Distributing the pizzas~

Random bulding.


The dividing path..

Went back school.
Ate 2 pieces of dominos pizza :D
It's better than Pizza Hut -.-
Used to be big fan of PH, but ..
Their customer service ..... no eye see -.-

Went opposite restaurant and met up with Hui Teng.
She passed me some souvenirs from Langkawi~

Drinks they sponsored.

New flavour of Ferrero Raffaello (?)
Only available in Langkawi xD

Langkawi Guitar keychain that Hui Teng gave~

Oh, the photos she took using a Nokia 3.2 mp phone,
Really nice -.-
At least I think it's better than my phone althou it's also 3.2mp =.=

Stayed back for BSMM quiz.
Okay, this quiz =.=
One word - SWEAT!!

The questions aren't based on the notes that teacher gave.
So read = No read -.-

What DRABC -.-
I never went to theory class before *heh* so I didn't know. Ugh.
Then it was only 30 minutes!!

Everybody went back and I had to walk to JiaYu's house D:

Spent almost 1 and a half hour there.
Chatting with JY and Zi Ling, and slept there too D:
Too tired D:

Reached home about 6pm
Cooked rice, then bathe, then eat, then packed and ..
Rushed for 7pm tuition
Till 10pm.

OMG. Tired sei me D:

Didn't touch any homework I guess.
Never study for the Chemistry Quiz too D:
RM 5 for a participation cert? LOL.

Too tired. Can't think. Bai.

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-JoJo- said...

Wao! I like the drink's pic!