Thursday, July 23



I have not been updating for quite .. some .. time .. I think ..

This is gonna be a short update or something.

Homework is obviously killing.

I have so many to do,
I feel like doing them and not doing them in the same time.
Ahh, laziness kills.

Went 7-11 to buy my top-up.
Was lining up again.
Saw this Malay man.
He wanted to buy liquor I think. Which is "arak" in BM.

"Ada arak tak?" (Got beer?)
"Islam ke?" (Are you an Islam?)
"Ya, tapi bukan saya minum, beli je.." (Ya, but I'm not drinking, buying for ppl)
"Oh, kite mmg x jual arak kpd org Islam.." (Oh, we don't sell to Islams)
"..." *walks off*

Then me and the cashier was like ..

I see you, you see me. LOL

Oh well~
That's what I saw.

Then today, went dinner with cousin.
Went to her house to finish up some Civic project. *phew*
A little bit more left ~~~~

Showed her my add maths text book.
And she said she LOVES Differentiation -.-
It's the easiest topic ever ....... zhadou LOL
Maybe for college ppl, differentiation mmg sap sap water xD

Was having random thoughts in car.
And saw this man throwing his .. cigarette thingy on the road.
Imaginations started running wild -.-

What if, there's leaked gas on the tar road?
Will it explode?
Will I survive? *obviously not -.-*
The car was just beside me -.-
What if .. I'm dead? LOLOLOL
Who knows right? D: D:

Thinking too much ._.

Okay, so I should .. start .. burning my homework.
Then say my dog ate my homework.
No .. my homework ate my dog.
AH crap!

Suan lah, I give up. Bye~~

ps; sorry bout the tags. i'll reply when i'm free kay. keep dropping by :) sorryy~


Anonymous said...

wahh... so shock homework can ate dog...zhadaogogoli...haha...a bian tai thoughts in de car???lolz

-0wner! said...

u childish de bian tai, always say bian tai stuff =.=

random =/= bian tai ok -.-