Sunday, July 5

Happy 20th birthdayyyy!!

Wow! Time flies huh?
It was like you're just 16 yesterday and I'm 12.
Today .. you're 20 and I'm 16 already ..
Sigh .. Sometimes I just feel like turning back time..
At least I had fun that time ..
Plainly and simply just fun.
No worries ..

Oh well, nothing is easy ..


This sweet little lady .. xD

Enjoy ur birthday! ;D

I guess this is the most recent pic we took (?) LOL
long time no take photo xD

Ps: Thanks for fetching me every now and then!! How I wish I can drive now -.-

pps: I know it's hard to accept the fact that the numbers are starting with 2 now :( Soon, it'll be my turn. sighhhh.

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Evelyn,Sook Tieng said...

hehe yeah~ dslr many ppl also like de =p vr expensive le. hehe. but ur photography skill is reli good. ohh thks~i hope i can enjoy the sem2. haha (: hw's sch and everything?so long din c u liao~