Thursday, July 16

Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia ; Chemistry Quiz 2009

Had Chemistry Quiz today.
It's Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia in BM by Institut Kimia Malaysia.

and .. My mom is one of their registered chemist .............................................

Oh man! I really should have brought her brain D: D: D:
Arghhhh, all those random IUPAC name bla bla bla.
I know nothing about it wehhh,
Only know A BIT calculations bout mole and stuff arghhhhhhhhh!!

Suan liao lah !!
Sure mampus the whole paper D:

Ready ...

LOL, still reading newspaper while others studying (?) who knows xD

KM = Kar Mern
K3M = Kar Kar Kar Mern?
LOLOL :x Perasan dao xD

Stuff that teacher distributed.
That, periodic table, got physics formula at the back D:
And, I think it's kinda .. useless (?) Waste paper D:

Surprisingly, I didn't sleep during this quiz.
Maybe I just don't feel like tembak-ing? xD

Joined the class newsletter thing.
Still don't know what I supposed to do D:
Oh well~

Snapped this cute little thing :D
Thanks to Josh Tan for noticing such small thing xD

Itu Hau Nung keep kacau -.-
Blow here blow there, then gone liao -.-

Nothing much for today I guess.

Oh, I need to finish up at least 4 moral tugasan + 2 KERJA AMAL !!! wth.
Deadline : THIS MONTH!!

My trip to the orphanage is on 8/8, mana boleh like that D:



-JoJo- said...

wa u can took photo during exam?

noobnoobde said... a fly...then gone liao...why keep captureing something tat abt mao a????