Tuesday, October 7


I don't feel like studying lah seriously -.-
After looking at the timetable, everything seems so ... easy.
Seriously. It's like damn relaxing ._.
This feeling ain't good at all. No no.
Bah, I can study BUT I don't feel like it now ==
This is stupid.
My modem should just burnt out or something.
So that I will stop online-ing ==

Played this thingy when I checked my friend's blog.
Hahaha. I'm sucha old hag ==
I'm actually 33yrs old the 1st time ==
Beh tahan, played again ._.
At least younger lah ._.


您的精神年齡27歲(Soul age wtf)


成熟度68%(Mature ==)

老化度11%(Old percentage)


Oh well.
No moreeee slacking aroundd yo!
I think I'm the only one here ==
Everybody seems so busy getting ready for their exams ._.

PMR is sucha party pooper :/
Byebye :)

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