Friday, October 3

PMR! Hohoho.

China Airlines.

I am FINALLY recovered from my stupid sickness.
I sound like some croaky frog now ==
Sore throat lah. I srsly need my voice back to scold people LOL =x

Bout my previous post, it's just an email. Lol.
Don't take it srsly guys =x And and, yeah, some girls can't be much better.
And and and, why should girls please boys LOL =x

Lemme share some nice photos with you guys since my blog is lack of...
... Pretty photos lol.
I went to China in my dreams and manage to capture some photos.
Hope ya enjoy! :)

Shanghai-nese building ;)

Spot Pumaaaaa 8D

Light blue building with light blue sky :O

The Comic Building :O Lotsa comicccc! I think ..

Hehehehe ... PMR still go China hor 8D
Actually, too sad cos year end holiday Cuti-cuti Malaysia mah.
So, dream that I went China lor XDDD

More picturesss tomorrow!
Stay tuned :)

Bah, it's Friday already.
PMR is coming to town. HOHOHO!
I smell freedom :)

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Borneo Falcon said...

The buildings looks pretty unique