Wednesday, October 29

Mainly Genting Photos.


Went to buy some food first! :)
Damn hungry weh.
Then played everything around.
The weather was soo good! Blue skies, nice temperature.
My skin kinda went dry =="
Forgot to sapu the friggin moisturizer and sunblock.

Me love candy floss, so sweeeet lol.
When you're hungry, eating sweet stuff can burn and give you energy okay! LOL.
I ate the whole thing almost by myself heh! :)

The view.

Mr. Energizer!

Daughter and Mom.

A man trying to catch the Flying Thing lol.

Dinosaur: "Is he making a fool of me or something?"

Cute little plants lol.

WOOOOOTS ~! CorkScrew. It was kinda lame :P

Woots! Going up!

My telephone booth.

Posing with my London Double-Decker bus.

My jump shot! Almost reached the ground :P

Gimme 5 :P *Children looking at crazy jiejie*

My perfect angle LOL :P
it's still blur wtf.

After all the easy peasy outdoor games, it's time for the indoor games! :D
1st to Archery, then Rock Climbing and Bumper Car! LOL.

Uiseh! Gaya betul LOLOL!

Do Re Mi !

Mi Re Do.

Re! Posing before the LAST arrow! :P

* Archery was okay! But fingers went aching.

and NEXT !
-- Rock Climbing :P

Sheeesh ! I didnt get up wtf.

My area was hard to climb okay! Not much rocks D:

* It wasn't THAT easy afterall LOL. Will go for it next time, for now, my left arm aching already.
** RM 4 per drop hmpf! I gave up the half way T_T
*** I bet I'm too heavy or something
**** Should start to MINUS FAT now :P

Had dinner in Pizza Hut.
They don't accept my NIE voucher wtheck.
Pizza Hut's service is getting on my nerves.
Maybe I should really boycott Pizza Hut from now on.
No matter where it's located. Hmpf!
Go for Dominos LOL.

Then went to watch the Magic show - DREAMZ at night.
Before that, the white tiger was 1 ruler away from me!
It was in a cage thou.

Sitting in a cable car at night isn't that good.
It's all dark around, with only the lights from the empty cable cars and the sounds of the crickets.

*Bumper car was nice! The whole family lined up thrice to play it. LOL.
** Everyone of us enjoy bumping other cars :P

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