Thursday, October 30

Going Back Luh!

Had Breakfast buffet in the morning.
The food was nice! :D
The first time I ate that much for breakfast. Yum ~
Took random photos.


A perfect jump shot without my face wtf :P

The hotel we stayed for one night, Awana.

The Garden. Greenish :)



The memories of me and you :)

The rock bridge.


Hotel view again.

Make a wish :)

Errr .. the room's balcony.

The view.

The view.

And me, holding the weird looking cloud LOL.

Checked out, went around GohTong Jaya.
And visited his .. statue :)

Uncle Lim.. *salutes*

And left the oh so pretty Genting!

Basically, I love the sky and clouds.
They matched so PERFECTLY.
So, I can't stop snapping! :P

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-JoJo- said...

oh girl, u should watermark ur photos or else anybody would take ur pics :p