Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Bah! A late one.
It's gonna be November tomorrow! Time flies.

I chose Pure Science for form 4 and adding Accounts and Perdagangan I think.
What's EST about? School isnt teaching anymore D:

Trip to Ostrich Farm and Yakult Factory may be canceled due to lack of people.
Some of those who registered the first place refused to go. 28/48 =__=
Not sure then don't register your name lah .___.

Just watched Wall-E.
So ... awwww ... lol.

And, are those holidays camps REALLY THAT BAD ?
We won't even ENJOY a tiny winy bit of it at all ?!
Will REGRET for joining it one ar?

Should just join for experience ?
and .. join ..... ALONE ..
Nobody wants to join ... D:

1 comment:

-JoJo- said...

Joining camp is fun, even though may hate the moment on the first day, usually will make lots of friends and learn lots of things which you can't experience in ur normal life.