Friday, October 24

Half Holidays.

It's been 2 busy days.
Helping the SPBT books returning stuff.
Friends really get mad when the books aren't processed in the correct way.
Had fun thou. :)

Ms. Kwan :P (Ant popo)

Bah! It's the day...
I only got the choice of Pure Science and Accounts class.
Either one and no both.
If both is Sub Science right? Which I need to drop either one of the pure science subjects is it?
There's no sub science here, any other schools to recommend? lol.

I really don't feel like studying lor!
Getting an A isn't that easy already.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics! My gawd.
3 papers each, 5 and a half hours!

Can I not study? D:


Going Genting tomorrow!
Weeeeee ~
Better be fun .___.
I wanna play rock climbing, roller coasters and other exciting stuff!
The last time I went Genting I think was Std 4 =__=


I'm not straightening my hair yet. T______T
It's a 5 days holiday from tomorrow onwards!
Happy much? :DD
I know it's gonna be BORING.


Going to my cousin's performance soon!
Australian Int. Sch. Msia ..
So far @__@
Ciao! :)

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