Thursday, October 23

Hardworking weh! :P

Sigh ..
You cannot see this often at the back of the class ..
Before the PMR .. :)

My place in class. The back of the class :)

Very easy to sneak on people and sneak out of class.
But I don't do that okay! LOL.


Sry about my mouth, but you still can see us having a BIG SMILE :D

Our class's jokers ..

2 gays :P

2 silly people! :O

Camera phone owner! Jia yu. xD

Me and Mr. Syamim.

Wah so hardworking again. :P

I think I will miss my class.
But thing's should move on.
I will understand that sooner or later.
Just .. be happy! :P

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lolizzie said...

LOL cool class! long time no visit x