Wednesday, October 1



It's HOLIDAY people!!
I should be enjoying holiday by now.
BUT NUUUOOO..... wtheck.
Cut off the study thing. I can't even study now =="
Talk about 12 more days to PMR, or is it 11 days. Bah, I don't know.
Seriously, I didn't even count the days .___.

Yeah, as I was saying, I cannot even study or do any of the homework teacher gave ._.
Friggin sick now lor! zzzzz.
This is the first time this year I'm sick I think ._.
I don't fall sick on schooling days, I don't fall sick on my exams *OMG CHOI*...
OF ALL DAYS, why now ? ==
Okay, I got the feeling that I'm getting some punishment of complaining about studying now ZZZZZ!

Back pain, joints pain, what else ==


To my Cousin sis, Cynthia Lai and Michelle Hor :D

3 of them on the same day :D

and and...
Selamat Hari Raya!

1 comment:

aldwin said...

which photo?

of course those photos where you look ver gorgeous. :D

uhm, but i think its too hard to find one. all your photos here, you look very much pretty! hehe :P