Monday, September 29

Touched my cold-blooded heart ._.


How I wish my hair was like hers LOL.
I think I won't study this whole week zzz.
Is it easy to score A for BM?
I really gotta work harder on that.

After "studying" for many hours *coughcough*
I decided to reward myself by watching a movie.
A movie that I borrowed from human before holidays! :)


This movie is so friggin sad -.-
Why Jack Neo's movies sure got one or more sad scenes one!!
This movie got 2 summore! Ugh.
So touching T__________T
Must learn Hokkien liao ._.
Teach me, Eh sai boh? =="

Painted skin seems nice ._.
I must be focused.
Hocus pocus, FOCUS ! ...lah
Gawd, really hate this.
Too many distractions @___@

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xniquet said...

i have to agree with you with the Money not enuff 2 movie, i watch the show with a expectation to have a good laugh but ended up with a sober mind...